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Private Painting Parties

Private Parties are like one you attend at a Winery, but it’s your friends – your location – and a painting project you choose.

“Beholder” — a Painting Party Project Choice


In  a nutshell, here’s how it works…

  • Painting Parties are art-as-entertainment events.  No art experience needed (really!) because I walk you through step by step, plus provide all the art supplies.  You supply the location, the snacks/beverages (or potluck it), and the friends.
  • The minimum is eight people and is complimentary for you the host!
  • The cost is $45/per person for the rest of the gang (Add $5/person for the Sunflower project)
  • A party lasts about 2½ hours
  • Yes, I’ll travel out of town to hold these although the fees are a little different…let’s talk!  🙂

Now that you kinda get what a Private Painting Party is and how it works, here are the nitty gritty details and how to get yours going today!

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“I had a fantastic time last night. Thanks for the interesting and incredibly fun lesson.”  ~Heather


“Klimt Tree” — A Painting Project Party Choice

“Klimt Tree” — A Painting Project Party Choice


2010-11 P1010026-watermarked

“Easter Egg Hunt” — A Painting Project Party Choice


“Roots of Life” — A Painting Project Party Choice

“Roots of Life” — A Painting Project Party Choice

So, you want to hold a party.  How do you start?  

SET A DATE.  Contact me to find a date for your party.

Hold Your Spot.  DEPOSIT.  A $100 deposit is due up front to reserve your spot on my calendar.  You can make your deposit online here, send it via PayPal to chris(at)chrisblevinswatercolors(dot)com, or just send a check to 8220 W. Gage Blvd, #104, Kennewick, WA 99336.  Until I receive your deposit, your date isn’t reserved.

What do we get to paint?   CHOOSE YOUR PAINTING.  You can see your choices here.  Pick your fave and send your choice to chris(at)chrisblevinswatercolors(dot)com at least two weeks before your party.

Round Up Your Attendees. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS.  I require a minimum of seven paying attendees.  As the host of your party, you paint for free, but you’re also responsible to make sure you have the minimum number attending and, well, be the host of your own party (consider me the hired entertainment.  LOL). Important: You will be responsible for payment of the minimum required attendees, even if attendance doesn’t reach the minimum requirements. If you know ahead of time you can’t meet the minimum, and if you’re the host, you might consider giving up your complimentary attendance. And/or we can consider raising the per person fee.  Everything’s negotiable!

Round up the Fees.  ATTENDEE FEES.  $45/person and, once again, complimentary for you as the host (yay!) (Add $5/person for the Sunflower project).  You as the host are also responsible for collecting the monies.  Pssst, other hosts have found it very helpful to collect payment from their painters in advance.  In fact, I can’t recommend this strongly enough.  When your painters don’t pay in advance they find it too easy to bail because they have “no skin in the game.”  I don’t want you to get stuck holding the bag financially because folks RSVP and then don’t show.  🙂  If they’ve paid, they tend to show up.

What If We Want to Paint Something Different?  ATTENDEE FEES, THE SEQUEL.  To paint something other than the choices here, the fee is $5/person more. Let me know and we’ll work together on your special request.

What if I’m Driving a Ways to Get to You? TRAVEL FEES.  If I’m travelling more than 30 minutes from my home in South Richland, WA, the arrangements will be a bit different.  The host is not comped, and the minimum attendees goes up to 10.  A travel fee would be part of the charges too, but if you are able to provide me lodging and maybe feed me (hee), I can usually swing it financially and waive a travel fee.

Two Days and Counting. FINAL HEADCOUNT.  A headcount is due to me chris(at)chrisblevinswatercolors(dot)com two days before the event so I can get everything ready for you and your guests.  Even earlier, if I’m travelling to get to you.  But please know it’s often OK to add more people last minute.  I can accommodate up to 24…as long as you have the chairs and table space.   If you have people drop out though, remember there’s a minimum required number of attendees (see above) and a Cancellation Policy (see below) that come into play.

It’s Party Day…Time to Set Up.  ACCESS TO LOCATION.  I’ll need access to the party location at least an hour before and after the party to allow for set up and clean up.  You’ll need to make sure I have this access, plus make sure all the table and chairs are set up and ready to go when I arrive.  If I do not have access, or the tables are not ready to go and it delays the start time of the party by more than 15 minutes, an additional $25 may be added to your party fees.

Let’s Get This Party Started!  START TIME.   Please have your painters arrive up to 30 minutes (or more, if ya’ll want to eat or socialize) before the actual painting is scheduled to begin.  If your guests don’t arrive by the time we are to start painting, and you choose to wait for them, an additional $25 may be added to your party fees if the delay is more than 15 minutes.

Be Aware, We’ll Need Electricity.   BLOW DRYERS.  Using blow dryers (which I provide) is a tool of the watercolor trade.  We may have a few dryers going at once and even though I have ya’ll use the low setting on the dryers, it’s possible we’ll flip a breaker.  You’ll need to know where the breaker panel is and how to flip the breaker back on, just in case.

What About Music? THE NOISE FACTOR.  Feel free to have music playing in the background.  Be aware, however, I have a soft, raspy voice.  So, when I’m teaching/demonstrating (about four to five times during painting) we’ll need to turn the music off or down so everyone can hear.

We Could Paint Forever…  LENGTH OF PARTY.  The actual painting part of your party will last about 2½ hours.  Some groups finish a bit faster; some take up to three hours.  I don’t mind if people continue to paint for a bit while we start to clean up and pack.

We had a great time. HOW DO YOU GET YOUR DEPOSIT BACK AND SETTLE UP?   As the host, you have collected the monies from your painters.  This is part of the reason I can comp you, because you’re doing part of the work.  🙂  Anyhoo, at the end of the party just take the deposit out of the monies you collected, provide the rest to me, and we’ll be good to go!

Oh Boy, what Happens if we Cancel?  CANCELLATION POLICY.  If I (the artist) needs to cancel for some unanticipated reason, the deposit will be refunded to you.  FYI, I have never cancelled an event to date.  If you (the host) cancels, here’s the policy

  • Two weeks or more notice – full refund of deposit
  • One week to two weeks’ notice – 50% refund of deposit
  • 48 hours to one week notice – deposit forfeited
  • Less than 48 hours notice – deposit forfeited plus $100 fee

OK, so that’s kinda the sequence of event and how the process works. Here are a few more Questions and Answers that might be helpful.

Who provides what?  I provide all the art supplies and a well-prepared (yet fun!) lesson.  And a table to teach from.  Basically, everything except the tables and chairs for you and your painters to paint on!

Are watercolors messy?  Well, kinda depends on the person!  LOL.  Seriously, I’ve never stained or damaged a single article of clothing, piece of furniture, or carpeting in my own home studio or anyone else’s.  That said, no guarantees.  🙂  I don’t provide aprons, because they just haven’t ever been needed and watercolors are, after all, water based and just wipe off.  Your guests are welcome to bring their own aprons or wear grubbies if that gets them in their comfort zone.

How much table space is needed per person?  Watercolors are painted flat, not on an easel, so you’ll need more table space per person than you might think.  And definitely more than when you paint with acrylic paints on an easel.  Space needed:  approximately 30” wide by 18” deep, per person.  And remember we’ll need a spot for me to set up my teaching table too (the table is 2-1/2 ft x 4 ft)

Any other questions?  Just give me a holler at the email or phone number below or private message me on Facebook.

What About Libations?  LIABILITY. Totally up to you whether to have adult beverages at your party!  You are responsible for the safety and behavior of your guests.  Chris Blevins / Chris Blevins Watercolors is not liable.  And–I’ve never had this happen–but if ya’ll get too rowdy, I reserve the right to refuse service.