Artist’s Hand

Artist’s Hand

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Original and Prints available.  Original measures 7×9 and comes unmatted/unframed.  Watercolor, Watercolor Pencil, and Schmincke Metallic Powder on Paper.

Yes, this is my hand.  🙂

I like how the lines between the hand and what is not the hand are blurred.  And also how the energy is shooting from the finger tips.  When I painted it, I was not thinking of energy shooting from the finger tips, but sure is what it ended up being.

I don’t often leave a white background in my paintings, so it is a bit unique in that regard as well.

This is one of a few paintings I’ve done of my hand…and it looks significantly different compared to the rest of the hand paintings.

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5×7 print, 8×10 print, 11×14 print, 16×20 print, 24×36 print, Original, 7×9, Watercolor Pencil Schmincke Metallic Powder on Paper