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I painted this watercolor rainbow eye, Beholder, in Salem, Oregon, USA in September of 2014 while I was an “artist in residence” of sorts at a Rapid Eye Technology training.  The positive energy in the room was palpable…  All those folks getting certified to be a Technician in an awesome healing modality.  Way cool.

Beholder specifically came to be while I was taking a break from painting/channeling yOrbs, which is why I was at the training in the first place…to offer yOrbs to the attendees. What is a yOrb, you say?  yOrb = your Orb.  A unique-to-you original watercolor intuitive reading.

Anyhoo, the original of Beholder in its new happy home in Minnesota, USA,but a print of this piece makes for a stunning, colorful addition to your home or a attractive, meaningful piece for your Rapid Eye Technology therapy room.

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