Bucky Balls

Bucky Balls

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Original and Prints available.  Original – Watercolor on Paper, 6 x 4.  Original Matted and Framed in a teal mat and beautiful burnished gold frame. Finsihed size, 10 x 8.

A small, but mighty, piece.  🙂

The name was inspired by Buckminster Fuller, someone of whom I’ve been a fan for quite some time.  A self-taught scholar, inventor, philosopher, futurist….  He invented the geodesic dome.  A Bucky Ball is an allotrope of carbon, fullerene—and a particular molecule of that allotrope C60. that was named after him.  OK, yeah, my geeky side is coming out. Ha!

Alright, back to the painting…

I like circles. You’ll see them in lots of my artwork.  These, however, were painted with a thingie called a sponge pouncer, a fun little gadget my oil painting friend, Kelly, turned me on to.  

This painting came to be while I was in Florida in 2012.



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