Linda Kemp Leaves

Linda Kemp Leaves

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 Original and prints available.  The Original comes matted and framed and measures 14 x 8, finished size with mat and frame 23 x 17.  I have to say the mat and frame job on this particular piece is quite lovely.  A golden medium brown burnished frame, with a double mat of soft earthy yellow and burnt sienna.

I bought a watercolor book by Linda Kemp some years ago.  She is a big fan of negative painting.  This piece was my first attempt at using the negative painting technique to any significant degree.  Hence the title, Linda Kemp Leaves.

I painted this while living in Aiken, South Carolina.  Looking out my office/studio window were LOTS of trees, plus the earth there is quite the orangeish/red color.  These two things ended up being reflected in this painting.  

Painting something totally earth toned is just not me though, so of course, there had to be some bits of brighter color.  In this case, the turquoise.  I still remember the name of the paint color, even though it’s not one I have in my inventory anymore.  Daniel Smith’sNnatural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.  Quite a mouth full.  LOL.

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