your + Orb = yOrb™

your Orb = yOrb™



your Orb = yOrb

Personalized Soul Art…a reflection of your beautiful soul Watercolor paintings made especially for you!

No two yOrbs are the same…they are unique to the person they are created for.  Check out the gallery to view a variety of yOrb creations!

Ready to order? Cool! Here’s what you’ll receive…
* Created personally for you, a custom piece of intuitive artwork that is suitable for framing.

* An individual yOrb will be an original 5″x7″ watercolor painting on 140 # cold press watercolor paper, and signed by the artist.

* “Meaning of Colors”

* Packaged in a re-sealable clear bag for protection during transport.

What are my choices and how much do they cost?
Solo – 5″ x 7″ watercolor painting – $200
Larger Groups/Special Requests/Larger Sizes – quote available on request.

Order your yOrb today!

Prices includes packaging/shipping!

Please Note: Once you have placed your order, visit to complete the client data form…your opportunity to share your interests, attach a photo, and any questions or special requests with the artist. 🙂

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