Custom Art I’ve Done

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Sunshine & Bella



Oh my, did Mulligan ever love living in Central Oregon. His people parents took him into the out of doors often. He’s swimming, running, and jumping over the Rainbow Bridge now.


A surprise Christmas gift from husband to wife. “You have a very happy customer and recipient!!! She loves it! Said it was the best gift she has ever received!! We did good.”

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The Duke

“No words can express my gratitude for this bittersweet present.  Chris Blevins you are amazing and I love it more than I can express.  This is the best birthday gift I have ever received.  I cried the moment I saw it.   His eyes are captured so well, I feel like I am looking right at him.  I miss my boy tremendously, but I get to see those bright eyes looking right at me and I feel his sweet soul love me from heaven.”

Horse Triptych

A local realtor/broker was building a new office facility and wanted a special piece of artwork to go in the new space. The horses have special meaning as the owner was involved with the horse sculptures at the entrance to the city of Kennewick.  And, her husband’s family was in the cattle ranching, hence the Lundgren “brand” being included.


Putter is an older gent.  He may be blind in one eye, but still sees with lots of love for his human mama.  His watercolor likeness was a Christmas gift from Mom to Daughter.  Mom only had one, blurry photo for me to work with, but work we did.  🙂


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This is Mandy. Mandy, a Montana golden retriever who is over the rainbow bridge, loved snow.  Now Mandy and her love for snow live on not just through memories, but through art as well I do so love painting doggies. Dang, I just get teared up thinking about our furry friends.  🙂


Shhhh!  I’ll let you in on a secret.  Gizmo is a girl!  Another secret…it is possible to find love later in life.  Gizmo was a gift from a former coworker  to his new love.  He retired, his wife passed on shortly thereafter (sad), then through the process of helping care for his elderly in laws he connected with someone to spend the rest of his life with.  Love wins!

Pagel Family Cabin

This “beach cabin” was in the Pagel family for decades.  Unfortunately, it was built on Washaway Beach, and true to its name, it did indeed wash away into the ocean in 2014.  Lynne hired me to paint the cabin as a surprise Anniversary gift for her husband.  Six prints have also made their way into the hands of various family and friend with fond memories of the cabin.

The Cabin Frank Built

The wife of my very first boss at Rockwell/Westinghouse hired me to paint this cabin.  Her husband built it, but it’s no longer in the family.  Lots of memories there though, I’m told.  She game it to him as a surprise birthday gift.

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Cheryl's Birches

My friend Cheryl really likes another tree painting of mine and asked if I could do one for her using purples and yellows as part of the color scheme. So, I did! I love how the yellow/light shines through from the back. 🙂

Walt's Road King

“I love it,” is what he said when he saw the finished painting.  Not sure there’s anything more to add.


Do you love the bandana, or what?  🙂 I painted Shadow for a friend of a friend in Arizona, who commissioned it for her son.  This was her son’s dog, Shadow, R.I.P., and this special painting was given as a birthday gift.

Little Disco

May he be romping and frolicking over the rainbow bridge. 🙂

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Abby & Ellie

Painted for Carol, a friend of mine from high school, these two little girls are quite the pair of puppers.  What fun to capture their expressions.


Oh, my dear Bailey.  What a sweetheart. I met Bailey when her peeps were still living in Tri-Cities, Washington, USA,before relocating back to Montana.  Since then, I visited Bailey and her peeps in Montana on several occasions. Sadly, as it is with our furry friends, she crossed the rainbow bridge and is mightily missed.  I was happy to commemorate her and provide a happy memory for her peeps.


Oh, Marley. Does she ever have a personality. I don’t think she’d ever be a therapy cat, let’s just leave it at that. LOL. Even though they hired me (who does not paint realism), I tried my best to make it a bit more realistic, per Marley’s owners request. Or maybe she owns them… 🙂

John's Guitar

Ah yes, my other medium…alcohol inks (AIs)!  What a fun, beautiful, crazy medium.  Think lava lamp meets stained glass.  😉   Anything with a slick surface is a potential substrate for this medium.  This was my first guitar…a bit scary, but what FUN!    About to start on another guitar…this time a Gretsch Elctromatic Hollow Body.  Whoop!

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Rusty is an Italian Spinone.  And Italian Whatti?  He is a big ole goof, from what his human mama tells me.  😉  Rusty came into watercolor being as a “trade.”  Bobbie is a wondrous seamstress and she made patio furniture replacement cushion covers for me.  Rusty was presented as a birthday gift to his human daddy.


I love painting pets. Jonesie is a border collie mix. She helped a friend of mine through a difficult chemotherapy process. I love the expression on her face, and her markings (on Jonesie, not my friend…LOL)

Seattle Memories

This piece commemorates a very special trip by two close friends, one of whom, at the time, was very fearful of travel and new experiences. The trip was life changing for her, and she had this commissioned as a thank you to the person who took her on the trip.

Sadie & Daisy

Sadie and Daisy are both over the rainbow bridge so this was a very special commemorative painting for a former coworker of mine.    Tears flowed upon delivery, but it was a happy thing too.   We sure love our doggies.

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A gift between besties for a birthday. The birthday girl’s favorite flower was the daffodil. The giver told me, “she cried when she opened the gift.”

Raven & Sunflower

An anniversary gift from husband to wife. I was asked to include a Raven (him) and Sunflower (her) and their house, but how I wove those three into a piece of artwork was up to me. He tells me to this day it his his wife’s favorite anniversary gift (and he gets her something custom/special every year).

You'll Find Me In the Garden

John asked me to create a piece of artwork he could use for his integrative nutrition counseling business. This is my other medium–alcohol inks on yupo. What a fun piece to create. He loves it and it’s featured on his business cards.


A gift from girlfriend to boyfriend (they are now married), of the car he has had since high school. He loved it and has it hanging on their living room wall.