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Loose Florals Watercolor Workshop with Chris Blevins

November 2, 2019 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Loose, looser, loosest!  -)  Learn how to paint a floral still life in a very loose watercolor style.  A touch of previous watercolor experience is probably best for this workshop.  That said, if you’re game to just jump in, that’d probably work too!

I’m offering two ticket types for this event.

Pay $85 upfront via credit card.
Pay $40 upfront via credit card and $40 cash at the event. This means $5 off for you. Yay! This is a CASH only discount.

Please note, supplies are not provided. If you don’t quite have all your own supplies yet, I have two suggestions:

Shop at Art on the Columbia!  The region’s first, and very awesome, fine art supply store.  🙂

Not ready to go whole hog on supplies yet?  Pay me $20 materials usage fee at the event and I’ll provide all the supplies for you to use at this workshop. You’ll need to let me know so I can be sure to prepare the supplies for you.

Please be aware I do have a cancellation policy, which you can see here.

Artwork © Chris Blevins Watercolors. All Rights Reserved.

Supply List 

140lb, cold press) artist quality watercolor paper torn into a square (15 x 15 or 22 x 22…your choice). Bring the remaining paper, or some extra, for practice/play scraps. If you want to wait to “tear” your paper at class, I’ll show you a couple of my favorite ways to do so. Art on the Columbia carries Arches brand paper, which will work just fine. Please do NOT buy any of the Strathmore tablets or spiral bound watercolor paper from craft stores. They just don’t work and are a waste of your money.


In general, Artist Quality paints, such as Holbein or Daniel Smith. Please do not buy paints you can get at the craft stores, CostCo, Walmart, etc. You will waste your money! J OK, off my soapbox. On to the paints…

Opaque white watercolor paint (sometimes called gouache, antique white, Chinese white, or titanium white). Art on the Columbia carries a couple of Holbein whites, either of which would work fine

If you would like to emulate the color scheme of the floral image featured (see it here), here are the colors used:

  • Holbein Permanent Yellow Orange
  • Holbein Bright Rose
  • Holbein Bright Violet
  • Daniel Smith Quincridone Pink

If you’re wanting to emulate the floral featured below (see here), you’ll need these colors.

  • Holbein Marine Blue
  • Daniel Smith Green Gold (FYI, Rich Green Gold is NOT the same color)
  • Holbein Permanent Yellow Orange
  • Daniel Smith Indanthrone Blue or Holbein Royal Blue
  • Holbein Permanent Violet
  • Daniel Smith Shadow Violet

BRUSHES. Bring what you have. If you’re still stocking up your watercolor gear, these are brushes I’ll be using to demonstrate and would recommend.

Your biggest wash or flat brush. Art on the Columbia carries some price friendly Hake brushes that would work well for this. About 2 or 3 inch width

A good mop brush. The silver black velvet brand makes great mops. The Medium size if you are painting 15×15, the Large if you’re painting 22×22

A rigger. If you don’t have one, but want one, might want to wait until day of class to select which brand and size

A #10 round Jack Richeson 9000 series

A #12 round, brand of your choice. The Princeton line is more price friendly and is carried by Art on the Columbia.

A dagger or swordliner (optional)

Palette. Art on the Columbia has a few types to choose from

Misters (a small mister with finer spray and regular household size sprayer).

Watercolor board. Art on the Columbia carries a few different types.


Gum eraser. Art on the Columbia has these

2H pencil. Art on the Columbia has these

Blow dryer

Paper towels

Two water buckets. Recommend clear/see through.


Art on the Columbia
830 N Columbia Center Blvd, Suite B2
Kennewick, WA 99336 United States


Chris Blevins and Art on the Columbia
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